Design - Where to stay.

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    Design - Where to stay

    To achieve the maximum visual effect on your plants, you can first advise eschedo purchase and look to the room where it will stand. Perhaps the plant is acquired, chtobyozhivit boring room a bright color spots or green. In this case, the first thing you should do ask questions in plants in the house, and go with a list of suitable plants in a flower shop. When you bring the plants home, try different ways of placing the pots to see where they make the best impression.

    In other cases, when the plants needed for a specific purpose, your choice is already: for example, it is desirable to close the empty fireplace or divide the different zones in the room. Placement of plants in this case is defined in advance, so you need to soberly assess the environmental situation before making a decision. All of these tips are focused on the ideal case. At least 50% of indoor plants to buy "mood": you see a plant in the store, it is you like, and have come home, you begin to figure out how to care for it. In this case, you should find for the plant where it would get stolkosveta and heat as it needs, and make sure that the environment and lighting ottenyaliego beauty.

    Necessary for the plants lighting can be natural iliiskusstvennym. Ordinary light bulbs, directed vecheromna detached dekorativnolistnoe or flowering plant, multiplies its appeal. It is best to use lamps with a point source of light or spotlight, but they give a lot of heat. Turn on the lamp and hold ladonnad closest to the light sheet. If you feel the heat, so the plant is too close to the lamp.

    LOCATION OF PLANTS in the room.

    Hanging from the ceiling.
    There is no better way to put vine, than to plant it in a container suspended from the ceiling or on the crowns matte in the wall. Nothing prevents cascading banter Lam, a kind of hanging in the air, live plants especially when tensile look. We pay attention to the plants in the spring under the basket on the wall of the house, e while on such zherasteniya on a bed at the bottom does not even look. Suspended Night identical plant can visually increase the height of the composite function of standing on the floor of plants or enliven a dull stenuili deep box. Unfortunately, hanging baskets imeyutsvoi disadvantages.

    They can not hang in those places where, under nimibudut walk the aisle nothing should interfere. Attentive but Treat the choice of container and make sure it is reliable but is suspended attachment must withstand the severity of con container with the ground after watering. Plants in hanging baskets, Ke should be in good condition wretched ivy or ball melting Barrel philodendron climbing can be only two zobrazit room. Caring for plants in the hanging roots Zinke difficult it is obvious that water them much harder than standing on the floor or on a windowsill.

    LOCATION on the windowsill.
    On the windowsill plants usually have people kotoryeotnosyatsya to him as a pet. This does not mean that a professional decorator would not be used for dokonniki to accommodate the plants, but a neat series of races representations on the windowsill pots exciting matured general not name. From the perspective of an external effect luchsheispolzovat single plant is low and bushy, esliono located in the middle of the window, or high and narrow priasimmetrichnom placement. Choose a plant, to torogo beauty leaves stressed to the incident at nihili translucent light through them, for example, gipoestesili irezinu.

    Of course, you should pick up this kind, which would ry harmony with their surroundings is maximal something nondescript plant in a large window is unlikely to be Vyg lyadet beautiful. South window in the summer should pritenyat. Frequently check whether the land is not dried up the sun in summer and ba tarei central heating in winter can make you bezkontsa watering! If the view from the window for you is not important willows do not need much light, think, do not hang on whether the races teniem standing on the windowsill, still hanging planters.

    Place for a large single plant on the floor: the pain shoy pot on the table would look awkward. Usual but, as such, take a plant with privlekatelnoyformoy crown, but you can resort to other vidamrasteny. Well look at a single arrangement Institute at the flowering or tall vines with large leaves GOVERNMENTAL (philodendron, Monstera, etc.). Sprinkler ners adore these high single plant. Dvaodinakovyh plants on both sides of the door pridayutprostornoy room symmetry, flower pot, standing near the door to the garden, as it continues to garden in the room here you are.

    Carefully select a single plant. High Kie narrow plants visually pripodnimut ceilings or zkie outstretched create the opposite effect. Keep in mind that the capacity of the plant can povreditkover so beneath her plate or tube vuyu plate.

    Accommodation on the stand.
    Some indoor plants with long stems arcuate mi look unattractive if arranged his wife's bedside table or on a windowsill. Such rasteniyasleduet establish a special high podstavkupedestal or put in a suspended basket. If vvashem house antique furniture, you can buy antique Varna or stylized antique stand, but if you have modern furniture, very simply fabricated vit wooden stand with a straight wall. Mozhnokupit metal or bamboo stand and just revenge on her a few pots podrobnostism.

    On the walls are usually placed декоративноцветущиерастения (to animate color smooth bright degree zero) and vines (for registration of paintings, boxes, etc.). Takkak pots at the same time, as a rule, use is maximal Kie, the plants should be watered more often, but when races are put so high, it is difficult to determine when imnuzhen watering. With this method of placing plants tions choose strong, not too colorful emkos Tee with a sufficiently large and deep pan.


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