Design - Garden House.

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    Design - Garden House

    The indoor garden - a container filled with a few plants. Pots with this free software sobe accommodation can not be seen: they can be hidden from view inside the container or plants can be planted directly into the container, without the pots. Growing plants in such a way (in the form of indoor gardens) is still not widespread, perhaps because many people still prefer to grow the plants alone, and not in the group. These beautiful plants like begonia vechnotsvetuschaya or Coleus, and can grow at home as well as in the garden on a bed - groups, but they almost always contain the indoor environment in the form of single samples in individual pots.

    Choose a container that will fit a few houseplants. It should be decorative, pleasant colors and interesting shapes. Now the plant in a container filled with soil different plants, or arrange it in small pots with plants on top of a layer of peat, sand, pebbles or gravel and fill in the gaps between the pots of moist peat, to the edge of the pots were not visible. The indoor garden is ready! Your garden can be a bowl with five small plants, or be a great florist with a forest of plants, but in any case, the advantages and principles of composition remain identical Vym. Some advantages of the indoor garden is the same as in the composition of potted plants - sozdaniesilnogo visual effect, the use of flowering and unprepossessing in appearance dekorativnolistnyh plant cover ugly bare stems and damaged leaves, facilitating irrigation and increasing humidity around the crowns.

    But the most important thing is that in this case, you really smash the garden. Most plants grow best in the indoor garden than in individual pots for several reasons. Among the most important - the higher humidity, protection of roots from sudden temperature changes, water under each pot. There is also a danger. Tightness means poor ventilation that uvelichivaetopasnost disease or pest. Pinch out or thins plants to Onin interfere with each other, and promptly remove the decayed leaves or flowers.


    1 plant All plants will receive about the same kolichestvovlagi and heat. In the little garden all the plants will be covered, Ny about the same, but the plants in the center of large capacity will be less light than growing at the edges. Usually taken to plant a few flowering plants against a background of art deco rativnolistnyh.

    2 pot is much better to keep potted plants than planting them directly in the earth-filled container. This will allow you time to time povorachivatgorshki that the plants do not lean to one side. Plants can be easily removed after flowering, or for transplantation. Dolzhnyimet pots drainage holes.

    3 Peat Keep peat reached the edges of pots and keep it moist, none overfill. Moist peat provide stock vlagidlya each plant, and hence the plants in the indoor garden is much better to outsource a brief break from watering during your vacation.

    4 DRAINAGE Drainage is optional, but nice to put on the bottom konteyneratonky layer of pebbles, small pebbles or coarse sand, pre-First of fill than peat.

    5 containers watertight container selection is practically unlimited: the plastic boxes, figured jardiniere, old copper pots, hand-made wooden boxes, etc. In a wooden box inside of the handle to make it waterproof. Do not use for these purposes creosote.

    Single flower - the most common type of indoor garden. Until recently, it used the oblong boxes of metal, wood or plastic, but in recent years appeared a wide selection of colorful cylindrical and cubic containers made of hard plastic. For the present situation recommend flower white or black. Be careful when watering to the surrounding peat pots nevobral too much moisture. If the peat layer is thick enough for pots, plant roots can grow through the drainage holes in the turf and get the moisture out of it.

    In the event that gorshkistoyat on a layer of pebbles or peat layer beneath thin, rekomenduetsyavremya occasionally lift and rotate the pots to prevent root penetration. Flower girls may be different sizes. Tiny succulents are planted in the palm of eggs, while in some suburban homes suit conservatories, which is connected to the drainage system sdrenazhnoy home. Whatever the size of your indoor garden, the impression of negodolzhen emphasize the background that you choose for him. For etogoidealno suitable clean wood, mirror or mirrored tiles.

    Klumbovaya landing using odnogovida flowering plants, the simplest type of such a complicated flower is made of two or boleeobychnyh containers composed together. The most attractive made to order for placement in a particular location. Anyone who can derzhatv a hammer and nails can fabricate complex flower of okleennyhplastikom boards. To achieve better results section, in which plants are placed, should be positioned at different levels. Gap between doskamidolzhny be ground. Each element of the flower is a separate entity from the view of plants in which it is planted, and in terms of its decorative role.

    Naillyustratsii flowering potted plants are placed in a section near the Cockney in the lower section of the room is placed a flower bed, plants used to replace, depending on the season (you can land a wax begonia, Coleus, crocuses, poinsettia, etc.). And finally, the highest section sozdaetpostoyanny von izdekorativnolistnyh houseplants. Dopolnitelnoeudobstvo with this placement of plants - what each section is poured separately, so you can grow cacti and succulents are close to moisture-loving plants. In selling, there are several types of proprietary complex florists, vkotoryh each section is attached to the standing below it, so that the flower-sample looks like a tower. Flowers are planted on the open side of each section.

    Pot-et-fleur - essentially, a small florist where you are planted several dekorativnolistnyh houseplants. When you create a composition in peat pots inserted between the substrate glass or metal tube. The tube was then filled with water and put it in cut flowers. Thus flowers from your garden or purchase flowers can be used to create a village-toyanno changing and colorful compositions. Earlier this year a very attractive look profiteering green background 4.3 daffodil. In mid-summer, you can use sadovyetsvety or flowering shrub, look great roses. Do not seek to create a work of art - just add neskolkopyaten color to set off a group of houseplants.

    During Christmas week are an absolute favorite of sprigs of holly, iliostrolista, with berries. Surprisingly, the pot-et-Fleur has never been particularly common: flower growers believe that it is too limiting their opportunities. Onioshibayutsya starting pot-et-fleur something average between the potters' compositions and arrangements of the cut-off - in fact it is a way to liven up the track a few of the houseplants

    Several attractive indoor plants in a hanging basket look great, but do not rush to hang the basket on a hook in the ceiling or on a bracket on the wall until you know the difficulties that involves growing plants in a basket. Air above warmer and drier than at floor level or a window sill. Because of the height at which the suspended basket, water the plants is difficult, and if you spill water, then its excess will drip on the floor. You should choose a suitable for indoor basket. Traditional wire basket lined with sphagnum-moss inside, perfect for street, but inside of this basket will drip water. You can lay inside a piece of polyethylene, but then there is a danger to flood the plant. The best way out would be pomestitgorshki with plants in a watertight container that zatempodvesit on chains, ropes or wire.

    The gaps between the pots and the walls of the container should be filled in moist peat. You can use a special plastic container with a double bottom. Use a soil mix based on peat, but not the land: lishnegovesa should be avoided. To facilitate watering and spraying hang the basket on urovneglaz. If it can not hang so low, do not use prostymkryuchkom and carabiner, with which it can be raised and lowered. You can buy a watering can with a pump device, if you can not drop the basket. Check whether the firm is fixed kryuchokv ceiling or wall bracket, and whether the world will have plants that you chose for hanging baskets: flowering and variegated plants should be placed near the window. Suitable for hanging baskets of plants: Ivy Aporokaktus Zigokaktus Fuchsia Asparagus Bell Setkreaziya Chlorophytum Lobelia Begonia Stsindapsus Hoya Pelargonium Tradescantia Zebrina Epistsiya

    This is one of the simplest types of indoor gardens, to create some of which dekorativnolistnyh and one or two flowering plants are removed from the pots and transplanted in peat soil. Traditionally, in a garden-vertikalnoras tuschee plant is placed in the back of the bowl, neskolkokompaktnyh bushy plants - in the middle, and vine - ahead. As a container, usually are used for distillation bulbous bowl, but fits and lyubayadrugaya waterproof bowl. Such a bowl - a welcome gift, but it can not be considered a long-term room garden. When flowers ottsvetut, it is best to break the track and transplanted plants votdelnye pots before their roots are hopelessly intertwine. Explain to give you this track, chtovy not destroy his gift - you are saving it.

    Special kind of indoor garden is landscaped tracks, reproducing in miniature the real garden. Dlyaukrasheniya use paths, ponds, different figures, but to create a diverse landshaftamhi and plants with tiny leaves. Common Japanese garden, and the whole composition is usually placed on a table with wheels, so that in good weather it could take out naulitsu and transported to the kitchen for irrigation. For landscaped difficult to take care, and their creation requires real passion, and known capabilities, without which the Mi-niatyurny garden will look like the creation of a dilettante.

    A small room in a flat dish garden is composed of tschatelnopodobrannyh succulents. Unlike other containers used to create indoor gardens in bowls generally have drainage holes. This is one of the simplest types of indoor gardens, to create some of which dekorativnolistnyh and one or two flowering plants are removed from the pots and transplanted in peat soil. Traditionally, in a garden-vertikalnoras tuschee plant is placed in the back of the bowl, neskolkokompaktnyh bushy plants - in the middle, and vine - ahead. As the container is usually used for distillation bulbous bowl, but fits and lyubayadrugaya waterproof bowl. Such a bowl - a welcome gift, but it can not be considered long-govremennym potted garden. When flowers ottsvetut, it is best to break the track and transplanted plants votdelnye pots before their roots are hopelessly intertwine. Explain to give you this track, chtovy not destroy his gift - you are saving it.

    Here is a rich choice of plants. Try podbirattakie who need roughly the same lighting, watering and temperature. Then you should make sure that the height and shape rasteniysootvetstvuyut size container. Try to achieve diversity in height, appearance and texture of plant leaves, note the color combination of plants. First of all, the taller plants, which give vysotuvsey composition. Be careful not to choose the indoor garden dlyanebolshogo sprawling giant. Sanz Vieri - high plant with upright raspolozhennymilistyami. Grevillea and dizigoteka not obscure nye located in the vicinity of the plant.

    Choose high plant dlyabolshoy flower is definitely easier - here are widely used palms, dracaena, ficus, philodendron and monster. In the majority of tracks the overall impression is created by the plant secondary plan. If you do not want to rely to create color spots on flowering potted plants, you can use dekorativnolistnye plants with brightly colored leaves - kordilinu apical, the kotoroykrasnye leaves, yellow stsindapsus, variegated chloro-fitum and ivy, variegated croton, Coleus and begonias royal. Finally, do not forget about the vines that are needed to soften the sharp lines the edge of the container. The most common-nye of these plants - ivy, tradescantia, Ficus dwarf kovy and Zebrina.

    There are many ways to separate dining area in the room, which is used as a living room, and a dining room. Sometimes, only a wooden partition; a few pots of plants-mi, placed in open spaces, preserve it. But many fans prefer the colors in this case the green wall. On the floor set deep and wide enough for a rectangular box, kkotoromu stick reaching up the ceiling trellis, or decorative poles (also reaching the ceiling) is fixed directly vzemle. In the ground and then bury the pots, suitable plants - cis-sus, singonium, ivy, Ficus Benjamin stsindapsus, filodend Ron climbing and dwarf ficus.


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