Tips - Choosing plants.

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    The choice of plants.

    As a rule, in a room on a windowsill grower lover can find a variety of plants. Among them we can meet and dekorativnotsvetuschie and dekorativnolistvennye plants. As you might guess, dekorativnotsvetuschie plants have beautiful flowers, with leaves of these plants may be lost. Most dekorativnotsvetuschih plants in the summer it is desirable to make the fresh air. There are flowering plants that are decorative only a short time (spring-summer) in the winter they need to clean the room.

    Ornamental foliage plants usually bloom rarely at home, do not bloom at all or are blooming in small, inconspicuous flowers. Plants usually leafy all year round. In a separate group include cacti - plants are succulents with fleshy leaves. Almost all of them do not have leaves, but most have spines. Many cacti are in bloom is very beautiful flowers. Once you have decided how it should look like your plant, look at the conditions in which the content it needs. Most light-requiring plants, and for good growth and the formation of buds they need a lot of light.

    Potted Plants with variegated leaves.

    Not only flowers adorn the plants, many species are so beautiful, colorful and varied coloring of the leaves, flowers, and that the absence is not noticed. Variegated coloring of the leaves attracts abutilon, different kinds of begonias, sansevery and Chlorophytum. The most beautiful variegated form of figs. This is primarily Ficus Benjamin, its leaves are so painted in white and yellow hues of green that is almost invisible. No less attractive dieffenbachia, rare variegated kinds monster and Pisonia.

    Among the cacti and succulents are also variegated forms, such as aloe motley, belopyatnisty spurge. It is also good and colorful leaves arrowroot, kodieumov, Croton, kordiliny and Coleus. For all the variegated forms of plants light is of particular importance, since in low light, they lose their brilliance and diversity of color, become pale and depressed. In addition, most of them prefer warmer temperatures content.

    Florists fans very often in conversation, give the plants a concept of endurance. Stamina plants can be attributed aspidistra, asparagus, monster, ivy, singonium, sansevieriyu, most succulent, Chlorophytum, etc. There is also a very fanciful plants which include Acalypha, Qalat, gardenia, etc.

    Experienced Florist has exact knowledge of the different requirements of their plants. And before you choose a plant, you need to decide - what plants you would like to see at home and see if you can build him the appropriate conditions for growth and development, as well as flowering (some plants to flower needs a special climate and care). I should say that there are plants which belong to decorative foliage, and the arts flourish. This is most bromeliads, kalateya saffron, Hoya, etc.

    Plants with falling leaves:

    Ahimenes, some types of azaleas, wisteria, hydrangea, gloxinia, some species of magnolias, some varieties of roses and ornamental plants, etc. These are just a few months of the year. These plants to ensure proper maintenance of the dormant period. Typically, this storage rhizomes, bulbs or tubers, at lower temperatures in dry, shaded area. Tubers or bulbs, or dug, or stored directly in the ground without watering.

    Thus, the variegated plants:

    Abutilon, euonymus, vinogradovnik, ginura, deremskaya dracaena, dieffenbachia, Zebrina, different kinds of begonias, Caladium, Coleus, kordilina, arrowroot, oplismenus, Pila Kdiera, ivy, pandanus, partenotsissus, peperomiya, pepper, sanseveriya, tradescantia, Chlorophytum, ehmeya sparkling , epipremnum etc.


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